Happy Anniversary

Wahi bindu watena

Me sandyawe

Oba maa

Lang wee

Gathakarana me nimesha

Warsha wee

Sith dawati

Hadawath yawee

Kadulu sinaha athara

Duka sathuta athara

Nathi bari kama athi haki kama athara

Eeyee ada heta yawuna

Durwala kamedi mawa shakthimath kale obai

Duken kadulin ididdi mage sathutu sinahawa wune obai

Salitha sitha nisala kale nubai

Thanikama hudakalawa mage niwwe obai

Aadaraya wachanayata seema wunu kaalayaka

Aadaraya kriyawen mata pennuwe nubai

~ ©️Eternal lag 2019 and beyond

සුදු රත්තරන්

සුදු රත්තරන්

මගෙ දිවියෙ හිරු බැස යන්න ඕනා හැමදාමත් මගෙ දෙය්යො, ඔය පපුවට ඔලුව තියාන, තුරුළු වෙලා …

පුන් සද පායන්න ඕනා, ඔයා ළඟ ඉන්නකොට

හැම විටම, මයෙ පපුවෙ මගෙ සුදු රත්තරන් ඔලුව තියාන ඉන්නකොට, හිම එක්ක අවදි වෙන්න ඕනා

වැහි ඇද හැලෙන කොට සීතලට,

දෙතොල් සිබින්න

තරු පිරිච්ච රෑ අහස දෙස බලමු

සැතපුම් ගානක් යමින්

ඔබේ සෙවණේ සිසිලස,

විදිමින් දිවි ගෙවමි මම්

California Princess

This is a work of fiction.
Rough draft

Copywrited by Heshani Rajapakse

My mom was living in the US since she worked at Colognes & Perfumes, a Sri Lankan perfume store started by her childhood friends. She wanted me to study in America before I finished my junior college in Sri Lanka. So, she came to Sri Lanka to take me with her. Parinda was devastated and he told me to stay in Sri Lanka. But it was my childhood dream to live in California. Parinda said he will apply to an university in China. We were both going abroad to study in two different countries. 

We applied to go to India, France, UK and USA. We were going to travel a bit before reaching California. My mom decided it was a good idea for my sister to start middle school in the United States. So she tagged along with us. My dad stayed in Sri Lanka to take care of my grandmother. 

Parinda applied to Tianjin University to study medicine. He was accepted so he went there on his own. 

We had been only dating a couple of months when we had to go to different parts of the world. We didn’t know what was waiting for us in these unknown lands but we firmly believed our young love would conquer all.


I studied English Literature in Los Angeles Harbor College and he studied to become a doctor. We had hectic schedules in two different time zones. We kept in touch through chatting, messaging, and phone calls. There were lengthy emails in between. Assignments, turned into quizzes, with essays due, then quizzes and papers turned into projects and mid terms. Then came the finals and through it all we kept in touch. Months turned into years, and we went from girl friend and boyfriend to fiancee and fiance. He completed his degree and came to US to become a doctor here. 

We got married with the blessings of our parents. We had our son, then he was followed by two more boys and a daughter. We are still in love all these years later.